Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych
w Sandomierzu

Kształci nauczycieli:

  • Języka angielskiego
  • Języka niemieckiego
  • Języka hiszpańskiego


Sandomierz Teacher Training College was founded in 1990 as the initiative of the then local board of education in Tarnobrzeg. Among the founders of the school those most involved were a school superintendent, engineer Kazimierz Wiszniowski, MSc, and a school inspector, Czesława Pokutycka, MA. The town authorities, and local community represented by the late father Romuald Syta thought favourably of the initiative. The school was given a building at 1 Mariacka Street in Sandomierz Old Town.

By agreement between the board of education in Tarnobrzeg and Marie Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin the new school was provided with educational supervision. Professor Wiesław Krajka was named to be the first supervisor for the Teacher Training College and Joanna Niemiec, MA, took the post of the principal, which she held for one academic year. The first year of the college saw only the English specialty. The first and the only teacher working here full-time then was Ewa Witczyńska, MA, and the first native speakers of English to work with students were two Americans, Sarah Minneman and Thomas Dybowski.

In September 1990 the first entrance examination took place. Thirty candidates out of one hundred applicants were admitted and enrolled in the Teacher Training College. The first curriculums were devised then. At the same time the German specialty was successfully established. In 1991, under the educational supervision of Halina Malenczyk, PhD of German Language Department of Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, the first students of German started their education here. The post of the principal was given to Grazyna Sokołowska, MA. The teaching staff themselves worked diligently to organise the new school, devising the new curriculums and improving the existing ones, obtaining teaching materials and acquiring new skills both home and abroad. A college library, with its first librarian, Henryka Gądek-Garboś, MA, was established and a student theatre group formed. The College started cooperating with the British Council, Goethe Institute and the Peace Corps. The teaching staff grew bigger and bigger. A considerable number of teachers were the native speakers: Denise Modyeski, Margaret and John Crompton, Lambert Hayder, Ursula Fischer, Ethna O'Brian, Nortrud Boysen, Michael White and Suzanna Keith to mention but a few.

1993 saw the first students graduate from the school. They were well-equipped to find employment in the local schools craving for teachers of English. The school underwent major changes, Halina Maleńczyk, PhD was replaced by Ireneusz Chomiuk, PhD as educational supervisor, and professor Wiesław Krajka by professor Jerzy Kutnik. Students started doing their teaching practice in local schools. Iwona Rybak, MA, was appointed the head of teaching practice for the English section and Dorota Królikowska, MA, for the German.

Since 1993 Ewa Gospodarczyk has been the most efficient secretary of the school and since 1995 Teresa Łabęcka-Kwasek, MA has been running the library.

1998 saw first extramural students, mostly English and German teachers who wanted to raise their qualifications. After the change in the territorial division of the country the administrative duties were transferred to the Regional Assembly for Swietokrzyskie Province.

In 2003 there was a change of the principal and Ewa Witczyńska took over the position.

Day by day the school changes, improves and gets modernised; the computer room is organised, multimedia projectors are introduced, laptop computers used, radio and television equipment is acquired. The college graduates have the chance to obtain the title of a bachelor of Marie Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, which enables further study at the patron university or any other tertiary-level school that offers supplementary postgraduate studies. Over six hundred graduates, easily able to find employment in primary, middle secondary and secondary schools across the whole region, while simultaneously take up further education are the pride of the Teacher Training College in Sandomierz.